10 Top Vegetables That Help You Grow Taller Naturally

Height plays a vital role when it comes to our attractiveness. And when you are worried that you are not tall enough, then it can put you into embarrassing situations with your friends or colleagues. However, it does not matter if you are tall or short. Personality always is at the top in my priority list. Still, since you are here to know how to grow height naturally, I am going to tell you about Top 10 Vegetables That Help You Grow Taller Naturally.

It is frequently said that a person stops growing in heights after their teenage. In case you have passed your adolescent years long ago and still looking to improve your height, then luckily, there are some possible ways. However, your height, looks, hair, etc. are genetics means; if your parents are short, you also tend to be short. Still, there are some ways we can manage our growth. You are always suggested to eat healthy foods that will balance your growth nicely. And if you add the correct amount of right vegetables into your daily diet, you are likely to maintain proper health and height. 

Vegetables That Can Boost Our Height

Some herbs will help you increase your height even though you have passed that certain age period long ago. Don’t worry; these are just some healthy vegetables and not any counterfeit medicines that can show harmful side effects.


You may have heard that Turnips are loaded with growth hormones and if you intake this veggie, you will surely notice some positive changes in your height. This vegetable is rich in fibers, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fat. Regardless of your country, you can get turnips in almost everywhere, particularly in the temperate countries.

You can either cook the vegetables with delicious ingredients, or you can intake them as juice every day. After a week or so, you will surely notice an inch gain in your overall height.

Collard Green

Collard green generally born in the United States, Portugal, and Brazil and is one of the parts of Acephala group. The daily intake of this nutrition can help you boost your height just within a few weeks. Containing vitamin C, K, and soluble fiber, collard green can also help you fight against cancer properties.


Beans are also a very nutritional vegetable. Include beans in your daily diet, either take it with salad, or you can also make delicious dishes with it. Beans contain fiber, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, folate, etc. that help you in increasing your height if you take it regularly.

Lady’s Finger or Okra

This is a flowering veggie which many people also call Lady’s finger. The insides of the veggie are somewhat gooey which serves laxative functions. Okra contains various nutrients, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers, etc. All these nutrients work together to provoke our growth hormones, and thus we increase our height naturally.


Broccoli contains fibers, vitamin C, iron, and anti-cancer properties. You can make various delicious dishes with this edible plant and eating it can help you in height gain and maintaining a healthy diet. Broccoli stimulates our growth hormones, so it increases our height naturally.


Spinach is a common vegetable in many south Asian countries. This green vegetable helps in improving our hormone functionality. This green vegetable is some leaves of spinach tree that contains calcium, iron, fiber, and multi-vitamins. You can add this veggie to your daily diet for proper hormone growth. These leaves are used in various dishes, but you can also prepare vegetable gravies with it. Just clean the leaves properly and add them to your mixer to make some paste out of it.


Peas are another nutritious vegetable that you can add to your daily diet. It is rich with minerals and vitamins. It will be great if you can intake peas every day with your daily diet. However, always make sure to take the fresh ones and not the dried peas. The nutrients available in peas are beneficial in increasing our height.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts can defeat cancer cells and help you in increasing your height. Brussels Sprouts is a member of the cabbage family and contains minerals, vitamins, fibers, iron, protein, etc. To get a remarkable hormone growth that controls your height, you can intake raw Brussels Sprouts from three-four times in a week. If you are not interested in taking it fresh, then you can also cook it with suitable ingredients.


You can make a lot of delicious meals with this vegetable. Many people also take it with their desserts. Rhubarb is considered a fruit in the United States. However, it is a herbaceous perennial plant. Doctors recommend this plant to diabetes patients, and if you take it at least four times a week, it will boost your growth hormone. Many people prefer it cooked while some consider it raw.

Bok Choy

It is a form of cabbage and most possibly, the Chinese one. If you can include this veggie in your daily diet, you will come across a noticeable result on your hormone growth. This green leafy veggie is rich with many nutritious minerals, dietary fibers, vitamins, and carbohydrates. When you intake Bok Choy regularly, the chances of stimulating your growth hormone becomes higher resulting in increasing heights.

Other Vegetables That Help You Grow Taller

Being short is not a turn-off. However, many people don’t love the way they look, that is possibly because they care too much about their looks. Tall or short, we are all made of bones and blood; therefore, you don’t need to feel small just because you are an inch lower than you brother or colleague.

You can always count on these vegetables, in case you want to grow naturally.